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Cretan beauty

Crete (Greek Κρήτη, modern Greek transliteration Kríti) is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. Crete is a popular tourist destination; its attractions include the Minoan sites of Knossos and Phaistos, the classical site of Gortys, the Venetian castle at Rethymno, and the[…]

The Musical Workshop Labyrinth is an annual event that takes place in Houdetsi, Crete, and features a series of traditional world music concerts, seminars and master classes by some of the best indigenous musicians in the world.

Cretan Tradition

In every corner of Crete, whether it is steep summits, inaccessible coasts, thick forests, rocks or caves, the visitor will discover the strong religious faith of the island’s inhabitants. Hundreds of small country churches, which served as landmarks for the Cretans during hard times, still exist today. Many of them[…]


Island’s History

Crete is the place where myths look like history and history is like a myth. From the distant past to the present day, every place on the island has a short or long story to tell.   “There is a land called Crete, at the sea, which is like wine.[…]